Best Shooting Range Targets

Best Shooting Range Targets

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9mm Luger


As a universal choice, it is very widespread to carry in concealed weapons, since until the arrival of subcompact pistols, used to fire from service weapons, that is, from large weapons. Another marginal caliber, just enough to break the flat bones, skull and pelvis. The most suitable loads I have found are hollow point, so they are limited to lead or armored and I recommend using weights between 124 and 127 grains.


.357 SIG


An ammunition I consider ‘ideal’ for police work, it offers a power equivalent to the .357 Magnum, in the size of 9mm Parabellum, the weapons we currently use. The disadvantages are the price and the scarce availability of it. On the other hand, subcompact weapons of high quality are manufactured.


.357 Magnum


This ammunition has been a great success triggered by US law enforcement agents from the 1930s to the present day. Possibly it is the police ammunition with better stopping power, and is still effective, used in short guns of 2.5 or 3 inches, given its high power, precisely pointed out earlier that pocket guns must compensate their barrel length with speed output, even at standard loads. It is also a relatively popular caliber. In default of a .44 Special weapon, this would be my choice in defensive revolver.


.40 Smith And Wesson


The ‘son’ of the Miami shooting of the year 86, it is a good police and defense caliber, although less accurate than some previous ones like the .357 SIG. The main drawback is the exorbitant price.


10mm Auto


It is an excellent cartridge, but with too much recoil for the average, so many use reduced loads. In doing so, you simply stick with a .40 S&W but it is more expensive, so it is not a good option from the ‘logistic’ point of view.


.41 Magnum


It is an excellent police caliber, which has not been given enough attention, so its diffusion is very limited.


.44 Special


This ammunition, greatly maligned after the appearance of its older brother the .44 Magnum, is one of the ideal calibers for a compact revolver. You will have a much more powerful ammunition than.38 in a similar weapon size.


.45 ACP


It is one of the best police gauges of all time. Given the larger size of the projectile, it is effective even with FMJ points. This caliber is the best for semiautomatic pistol if we cannot use expansive projectiles.


In view of this data, I would simply choose a caliber as large as possible with a load that would make a good hole in theshooting targetsfor sure.